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How To Get Viagra Prescription in Albuquerque New Mexico, Viagra without prescription in Miami Florida

– Stephen Covey

Assessments for Teams and Individuals

How To Get Viagra Prescription in Albuquerque New Mexico, Viagra without prescription in Miami Florida

Top leaders and organizations recognize that assessments are an increasingly vital business tool in today’s competitive marketplace. Having insights into and understanding individual styles, behaviors, motivators, preferences, social and emotional intelligence, skills, competencies and talent provides a distinct business advantage.   Assessments create self-awareness and are essential tools for fast-tracking individual and team development.

The SD LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE offers a variety of assessment options to supplement leadership development offerings, including executive coaching.   While most assessments are debriefed with an individual and a certified professional, some assessments can be debriefed in a group setting with a facilitator. Group debriefs are typically useful when paired with a communication skills and/or team-building workshop. Group aggregate data is also available.

How To Get Viagra Prescription in Albuquerque New Mexico, Viagra without prescription in Miami Florida

Disc AssessmentIndividual Assessments are valuable tools for use in expanding awareness and gaining insights into one’s individual style, behaviors, motivators, preferences, social and emotional intelligence, skills, competencies and talent. Self-awareness is a vital first step in self-development, career pathing and in partnering with a coach.

SD LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE has certified practitioners in a variety of Individual Assessment options for you to select from, including the following:

Click on a title below to view a sample report

Assessments measuring Style, Behaviors and/or MotivatorsTTI Success Insights

Assessments measuring Preferences

Assessments measuring Emotional and Social Intelligence

Assessments measuring Skills, Competencies and/or TalentTTI Success Insights


Team AssessmentsMany of the Individual Assessments, when utilized in a team building or team dynamics workshop format create an opportunity for individual members of the team to better understand and articulate their own style, behaviors, motivators, social and emotional intelligence, skills, competencies and talent as well as compare or contrast their own information with other members of the team. These valuable insights help members of a team transition from frustration, breakdowns in communication and trust, interpersonal conflict and lack of alignment to improved communication, trust, collaboration, cooperation, alignment and ultimately increased productivity.

Beyond utilizing the Individual Assessments for gaining insights into team dynamics, there are assessments specific to gauging the team as a unit. These assessments provide insight into the behaviors, motivators or the emotional and social intelligence of a team. A Team Assessment is a great launching point for team coaching in order to improve alignment, communication, and collaboration.

SD LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE has certified practitioners in a variety of Team Assessment options for you to select from, including:

Assessments measuring Behaviors and/or Motivators

Assessments measuring Emotional and Social Intelligence

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Contact us today to explore the possibility of using assessments in your organization.



The 360-Degree Stakeholder Feedback Review is considered one of the most robust methods for getting feedback.  The input comes from the individual’s immediate supervisor, direct reports and peers, and may also include external sources, such as customers, suppliers or board members.  Results are typically used at the onset of a coaching engagement; however, the results are considered highly valuable for senior leadership team evaluations, leadership development program tools, succession planning efforts and promotion considerations.  The process includes the selection of stakeholders (participants) who interact regularly with the individual, a review of the questions to be asked of all stakeholders, and scheduling one-on-one, confidential stakeholder meetings.  In general, the inquiry would include gaining feedback (individual insights and perceptions) of the individual’s strengths, opportunities, presence, leadership style, and what the individual could start or stop doing to be even more effective.  The individual receives a report, which includes an executive summary of the feedback themes, and the various responses to each question.  The only stakeholder who is identified is the supervisor, all other responses are given without stakeholder identification.  The report is given during a debrief session with a certified coach, including an invite to develop an action plan based on the results.


The EQ-i 2.0 is a self-assessment instrument comprised of 133 questions and takes between 15  and 20 minutes.  This assessment instrument is designed to provide a variety of specialty reports such as leadership, teams, and a general workplace report. It measures a number of constructs related to emotional intelligence such as self-regard, emotional self-awareness, assertiveness independence, self-actualization, empathy, social responsibility, interpersonal relationships, stress tolerance, impulse control, reality testing, flexibility, problem-solving, optimism, and well-being.  This assessment instrument pinpoints the attributes that allow a person to succeed and those that stand in the way of success.  This assessment instrument is particularly useful in professional development of individuals and teams.  The EQ-i was the first scientifically validated self-report to measure emotional intelligence, and remains one of the most widely used assessments for gauging emotional intelligence.  Individuals will receive a report and a debrief session with a certified practitioner/coach.  See sample pages from the report to the right of this section.  Contact us to receive a sample report.


The Emotional Intelligence 360 assessment is an online assessment instrument that provides an opportunity to compare one’s assessment of self to that of others, including boss, direct reports and peers.  The assessment instrument uses the same framework as the EQi-2.0.   There are 133 questions and it takes between 15-20 minutes. Additional questions may be added upon request. The report provides a snapshot of strengths, opportunities, and blind spots based on all the data provided.  Individuals will receive a report and a debrief session with a certified practitioner/coach. See sample page from the report to the right of this section. Contact us to receive a full sample report.


DISC is an online self-assessment tool that measures and provides insights into four core sets of behavior patterns that indicate communication style, priorities/focus, and motivators:  Dominant (problem-solver), Influence (people-focused), Steady (planner)

Conscientious (procedures).  Specialized reports for leaders, teams, sales professionals and individual contributors are available. Through learning more about one’s style as compared to others’ styles, it helps with individual self-awareness and improved team work through appreciation of differences.  Individuals will receive a

report and a debrief session with a certified practitioner/coach.  Contact us to receive a sample report


Based on the theories of Carl Jung, who asserted that much like our preference for using our right or left hand, individuals also have preferences for extraversion vs. introverion, sensing vs. intuition, and thinking vs. feeling.  Katherine Briggs and Isabel Meyers designed the MBTI in the early 40s adding an additional pair; judging vs. perceiving.  This assessment instrument, which is extensively researched and validated has been used by millions of people worldwide for personal and professional development.   This self-assessment instrument is an excellent tool for understanding self and others, identifying natural cognitive strengths, valuing the differences among a group or team, strengthening relationships and improving communication. Individuals will receive one (1) of the sixteen (16) 4-letter codes that indicate preferences (for example: ENFP or INTJ), along with a report and a debrief session with a certified practitioner/coach.  See sample report to the right of this section. Contact us to receive a sample report.


The Predictive Index is an online behavioral assessment instrument which is science-based, quick and easy to use (takes approximately 10 minutes).   It offers accurate, actionable data which quantifies the unique motivating needs and behavioral drives of individuals. Complies with EEOC’s Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures and can be used as an element of the hiring process as well as career development, and team-building workshops.  Individuals receive a report and a debrief session with a certified practitioner/coach.