SD Leadership Institute often works closely with nonprofits to improve self-awareness, leadership, and teamwork to complement their core mission. As part of this effort, we recently supported the Amigos de Santa Cruz organization in Guatemala by providing our services pro bono. The organization used the resulting data to enhance their leadership development efforts.

About Amigos De Santa Cruz

Amigos de Santa Cruz is a nonprofit organization located in Santa Cruz, Guatemala. Focused mainly on rural communities, the agency favors community empowerment over one-time handouts. This approach ensures lasting access to important services and resources for those who need it most. Additionally, Amigos de Santa Cruz is part of long-term investment in this region, connecting local residents with formal education for the first time.

Nonprofit Leadership Support

Given the scope of the organization’s mission, we wanted to provide them with the tools to most effectively carry out their objectives. Our services provided Amigos de Santa Cruz with valuable insights about their leadership team, allowing them to work together more effectively. With increased self-awareness, their leadership team will be able to create powerful changes that will not only benefit their own employees but will also allow them to better serve their client base.

Amigos de Santa Cruz Buoyed By Results

The Amigos de Santa Cruz team was encouraged by the data and detailed the impact of our services in a thank-you letter to SD Leadership Institute. In an excerpt, Executive Director Jessica Cohn wrote: “Our group found the behavioral assessment reports incredibly interesting and helpful in analyzing our own leadership styles, and how to better interact with our colleagues. Our local staff had never done any type of similar assessment, and was shocked at how accurate it was!”

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